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About Texas Mini-Mix

About Us | Texas Mini-Mix - Austin, TX

Texas Mini-Mix is a concrete delivery service based out of Austin, TX. We provide some of the best delivery services and prices in the area.

Our professional staff is available to give price calculations over the phone, as well as schedule your appointments. You can expect courteous, kind customer service. In the rare case of scheduling issues, we will call you well before your scheduled appointment so you know in advance if there is a delay.

Our owner, Matt, is a professional willing to personally inform you of any issues, so you can get to know the heart of the company and are ensured updates. Our professional drivers are qualified and experienced. We will provide you only with the best service in the business.

Because we understand that time is of the essence, we provide same day delivery and ready mix so we are always prepared to hear from you and help in your time of need.

Our trucks are serviced on a regular basis, so unexpected delays due to truck break down are rare. On the off chance that they occur, we have other trucks ready to provide relief on short notice to minimize delay.

The plants we receive products from are regularly open, allowing us to operate more efficiently and further reducing the chance of delay. We can count on our company receiving timely deliveries of necessary products, so you can count on our timely services as well.

At Texas Mini-Mix, we will cater to you in every way possible. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to us.